4 exercises for good abs for women


Abs for women can be made just by following basic workouts which can be repeated every day in between your everyday exercise. Women keeping fit can stay away from various kinds of diseases that might affect them in their near future. Obesity is bad for your health. Different kind of Abs workout for women’s health are there preventing you from becoming heavier. Nowadays the intake of junk foods has increased. You should always maintain a balance in consuming it as it has a lot of calories. The following exercise list can help you gain abs, making a flat tummy and help you shed some extra kilos.

1Side plank hold

In this workout you have to keep your back straight. Using your hands stay in a plank like position. Now bend your body to the right side. Keeping the entire pressure on your left hand stretch your right hand. You should stay in this rotating position for around thirty seconds. Now with the other hand you should repeat the entire exercise once again.

2Punching in a plank posture

Stay in a plank like posture with your arms, shoulders and wrists in a straight line. Putting the entire pressure on your left arm raise your right arm and punch in the air. The punching movement should be stable and slow so that you do not trip. Repeat the same procedure with your other arm. Abs for women can be made just by repeating this exercise every day. For nearly 30 to 60 seconds your arm should stay extended in the air.

3Side twist

Abs workout for women’s health is quite necessary as well as beneficial. In a slightly bent position sit on your mat and keep your feet off the ground. The knee should be slightly bent. With two hands grabbing each other keep on moving from one side to another gently. The central position of your body should be kept stable in order not to topple. Repeat this process every day to get a healthy you.

4Making abs with a medicine ball

Lie down on a mat in a curved manner. Your back should stay flat on the grounds. At your chest level hold the medicine ball firmly. Now in a slightly rolled up manner sit up on the mat. Then hold the medicine ball out from your chest and then bring it back slowly. Continuing you have to lie down straight with your back on the mat. Continue with this exercise till you get tired every day. This will flatten your stomach to a huge extent. On repeating this exercise Abs for women are likely to develop.

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