10 ways to manage your frizzy hair in summer

frizzy hair in summer

Tired with your frizzy hair? Then here are some best ways to fight against your Frizzy hair in summer. Frizzes generally occur when your hair is overexposed to the heat of the sun. During summers you might want to go for swimming or shopping with your friends. For that you have to stay for long hours in the heat. That exposure to sun turns your hair frizzy. Frizzy hair during summer is a curse to most women.

1Be gentle while shampooing

Hair that is being damaged by the harmful UV rays of the sun should be shampooed after every two days. Regular shampooing will lead to flimsiness. While you shampoo your hair you should be caring enough as not to be too rough. If you are rough with your already damaged hair then it takes away the natural oil from your hair. Apply conditioner before you wash your hair.

2Increase your hair moisture

You can hydrate your hair by applying a conditioner just before washing. Conditioners consisting of shea butter, etc. are very nutritious for your hair. Before washing your hair you should apply the conditioner and keep it for nearly 20 minutes and comb your hair back in a bun. This will hydrate the cuticles of your hair.

3Get rid of spilt tons

Apply oils such as argon oil to mend your hair end. Frizzy hair in summer is disastrous. For that you can also trim your hair after every eight weeks. This keeps your hair perfectly healthy and in good shape.

4Apply sunscreen

Before going out you should apply sunscreen on the strands of your hair. This will prevent the harmful UV rays of the sun to penetrate through your hair cuticles. Thereby you will get a relief from the hands of frizz.

5Maintain your hair colour

Your hair colour will also get affected due to the harmful rays of the sun. For that you can maintain your hair by using colour depositing shampoo. You should use a shade close to your hair colour.

6Use a gloss to maintain your hair colour

You can also purchase glosses from the market to maintain your hair colour. Due to the heat of the sun your hair colour tends to fade thereby making your hair weak. To prevent that from happening you can spray gloss every four weeks.

7Lock your hair moisture

Frizzy hair during summer can be fussy. To prevent such a thing from happening you can use a silicone infused cream after you shampoo your hair. This helps to lock your already present moisture and also doesn’t let in bad moisture that is humidity.

8Tie a bun

If you don’t want to deal with humidity with your hairs kept open then you must tie your hair up in a bun. If you want to keep your hair in a ponytail then it might irritate you on your shoulders. So the best way is to tie your hair up in the form of a bun.

9Stick to one kind of a hair product

To prevent your hair from drooping you should stick to one kind of a hair product. You should opt for sprays and gels.

10Make your layers longer

To get rid from the hands of Frizzy hair in summer you should keep your layers long.

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